Bright Choice Crystals

rg premium rhinestone style chart crystal ab

Experience the Best Sparkle for your money with Bright Choice line of flat back rhinestones. 

Get excellent flash, shine and sparkle at a great price point. Bright Choice machine cut crystals feature 14 facets, like the former Swarovski 2028 stones.The line of rhinestones comes in multitude of sizes from SS6 to SS30 in a great selection of colors. We recommend you consult your sample card for color accuracy. The crystals have a flat back surface with advanced silver foiling.

The Bright Choice crystals line was selected to bring excellent shine at a great price point that is substantially better than the Swarovski, Preciosa and RG Studio Lines.

The rhinestone colors are excellent, and the AB versions are terrific. Do not underestimate the beauty of these rhinestones ...excellent value and excellent choice of stones. Bright Choice flat back rhinestones are sold as follows: Sizes SS6 to SS20 - 10 Gross Packages; and SS30 - 2 Gross Package

A size reference (not to scale, ss30 approx. 1/4 inch), not all color are available in all sizes.
Preciosa Stone Size SS6Preciosa Stone Size SS10Preciosa Stone Size SS16Preciosa Stone Size SS20Preciosa Stone Size SS30


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