Color Trends

And.... The 2018 Color of the Year is:
Ultra Violet

The Pantone Institute is recognized as a global authority on forecasting color trends. Every year, around December, the Institute designates the "Color of the Year".  The designation set the tone for anything fashion and design for the upcoming year.  So for the 2019 year the chosen color is: Ultra Violet, A bright, cooler, deep hue shade of purple.

In western culture, purple depicts royalty, honor (purple heart), and wisdom.  It expresses creativity, inspiration and sensitivity.  A color of luxury and ambition.  

Swarovski has a great selection of crystals and rhinestone in various shades of purple so you can bring this regal color into your designs.  We believe that one color is just "boring" so we are featuring varying shades of purple to get you inspired.  Here are Ultra Violet / Purple Inspirations:

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