Nailheads - Hot Fix (Glue On)

RG Convex Hotfix Nailheads, Fusion, Rhinestuds & Spots

Nailheads also known as studs are always in fashion. From Michael Kors dresses, to Valentino shoes and handbags, 3 dimensional nailheads add shine and sparkle. The nailheads are extremely popular in Western showmanship wear, accessories, dance costumes and interior design. While some nailheads come pronged or in a rivet format and are applied with specialty tools, most of those on apparel are hot fix. They could be applied with hot fix tools and also can be glued.

Our RG Convex nailhead is an excellent alternative for the pronged nailheads, they are 3 dimensional. They are hot fix, with a flat back, so they can either be glued or hot fixed. They are suitable for any project, a great favorite in western wear. We bring them to you in a variety of metallic finish colors, shapes and sizes.

Note: Small color variations may exist with nailheads, from size to size or shape to shape, as they may have been produced at different times.

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