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SS 2025

The new Rose Peach Preciosa ColorThe New Preciosa Acid YellwMad for Sparkle

Preciosa® Mad for Sparkle, Innovation SS2025, launch was inspired by the timeless tale of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  Mad for Sparkle new colors invite you to embrace the magic of sparkle and crystals.  

The new colors encourage you to explore the magic of rhinestones and crystals and come down the rabbit hole of luxury fashion.  Express yourself and make a statement on every occasion, casual or special occasion by adding crystals and Shine.   The new launch features two new rhinestone colors:  Maxima and VIVA 12 Flat Backs, and VIVA 12 Hot Fix.

  • Rose Peach, a soft and romantic irresistible color in the pink family, a rose with peachy undertones for a sophisticated look that is cheerful and uplifting.
  • Acid Yellow, a color full of energy that is a yellow infused with a hint of electric green. timeless, minimalist, low key luxury color.

Both colors are available in Maxima Flat Back rhinestones, SS5 to SS34 and the VIVA Flat Back and Hot Fix rhinestones, SS6 to SS 34SS.  The are available in the Standard Color and a Coated Version, AB Color.

Preciosa Rose Peach and Rose Peach ABPreciosa Acid Yellow and Acid Yellow AB