Rhinestone Guy Professional Features

Rhinestone Guy Only: Swarovski Electric Series

A special production by Swarovski for Rhinestone Guy in three amazing colors. Specially coated stones, DTLI, Double the Light. Amp up your performance with Electric Jet, Laser White and High Voltage Blue. Black and White stones taken to a new level, and blue that is ultra shiny royal blue.

Electric Jet - Black rhinestones at a new level of sparkle! See The Difference. Available in popular sizes, the flash of the stones is unbelievable, you get twice the sparkle while keeping the Black color. You can build an awesome ombre effect!

Laser White - This is the sparkliest option for those who seek Solid color white. An excellent alternative for Chalk White. You can create awesome black and white designs using the Laser White with the Electric Jet.

High Voltage Blue - When you seek a true Royal Blue with a great shine, without the AB coating that makes most dark stones too metallic and mostly turquoise, High Voltage Blue will give you the charge you need.

Electric Jet
Swarovski Electric Jet

Laser White
Swarovski laser white

High-Voltage Blue
Swarovski High Voltage Blue

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