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Welcome to Rhinestone Guy Professional, the Business to Business (wholesale) division of Rhinestone Guy, LLC. In order to open an online Business to Business Account with us you need to complete the following steps. Please complete the form in its entirety.

You will not be able to see any pricing until your account is set up, approved and activated.

1. To qualify for an account you need to submit a Proof of Business. E mail to: [email protected] TWO Documents are required along with your name, business name and phone number (please do not send any links). Information on Account should match information on the documentation:

--A Must: ~ Your State Issued Resale Certificate or Proof of Tax Exempt status (non-profit organizations) - current, un-expired, verifiable

and one of the following:

--Federal Tax ID - IRS issued SS4 letter, Federal Employer Identification Number.
--Seller Permit
--Business License

2. Complete the Online Form below, be sure the information is accurate.

3. Await account activation. Upon receipt of your Business proof, we will review and process your application within 24 hours, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Until your approval is complete, you will not be able to view pricing or order. A Welcome email will be sent to you with your approval.

Acknowledgement: By applying for a wholesale account you affirm that your are a business authorized in your state of domicile to conduct business. Rhinestone Guy Professional does NOT collect sales taxes, except in the State of Florida (from non exempt businesses). By applying to a business account with us you acknowledge that: you understand your sales taxes responsibility; you may be responsible for paying sales taxes to your state on your purchases; and that you understand that we may be required, under the law, to report to your state or Federal government all purchases made from us.
(NOTE: Florida businesses must provide a current Re-Sale Certificate or Tax Exempt Certificate otherwise we will collect Florida Sales Taxes).

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