Flat Star Nailheads

American Flag Created with Rhinestones and Star NailheadsFlat star nailheads made of light metal, aluminum, and hotfix. As their name suggests, they are slightly raised, unlike the RG Convex Stars that are three dimensional like a pronged nailhead. They are available in shiny silver or gold finishes. The flat stars can be mixed with flat round spots to create high impact sparkle an excellent price point.

They are available in 3 graduating sizes: 5mm, 8mm and 10mm

Hot fix nailheads can be mixed with rhinestones to create cool designs and effects like the American Flag photo. They are also excellent for use in guys' project or for those who do not want rhinestones but want a little bling and shine. Additional discount for high volume is available.

rg flat star nailheads sizes

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