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The New Crystal Electric Violet by Swarovski 

Discover the design possibilities with this new fantastic color and take your designs to a whole new level.  Use the combination of colors to create similar designs..  Use multiple sized crystals within a pattern to create an over the top sparkling dimension. Each of the following ideas has the Crystal Electric Violet stones.

The Zig Zag pattern creates bold lines by combining multiple Electric Lacquer Pro crystals mixed with the softer DeLite Lacquer Pro rhinestones.

Swarovski Zig Zag Pattern, Electric Violet

The Contrast Pattern feature a tight rhinestones set up, combining purple hues and contrasting color.
Swarovski Contrast Design Electric Violet

The Gradient, like its name, feature a looser set of purple shades and neutral color to create a soft gradient effect.
Swarovski Wave Design Electric Violet

The wave, is a fluid pattern, that only uses two colored crystals, the Electric Violet with the Fuchsia Shimmer Effect.
Swarovski Wave Pattern Electric Violet