Swarovski 3230 Pear (Drop) Sew On Crystals

Swarovski 3230 Sew On Pears DiagramWe at Rhinestone Guy have the largest in stock color selection (40+ colors) of Swarovski 3230 Sew On Pears many are rare finds or special production colors and / or sizes. Swarovski 3230 sew-on Pears are faceted flat back jewels with 2 holes drilled on each side for sewing. The 3230 pears feature foil on the back of the stone for extra reflection, unless unfoiled as noted. Sewing jewels are great for added style and sparkle. Sew on pears are popular in ballroom, Irish Dance Dresses, prom and wedding dresses, and Horse Show clothing. They are available in 3 graduating sizes 12x6mm(1/2 inch tall), 18x10.5mm (3/4 inch tall) and 28x17mm (a bit over an inch tall). Not all colors are available in all three sizes and some colors are available only in limited quantities so purchase what you need for your project as they may not be available once the stock is depleted.
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Swarovski 3230 Sew On Pears 12x6mmSwarovski 3230 Sew On Pears18x10.5mmSwarovski 3230 Sew On Pears 28x17mm

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