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When it comes to the finest crystal elements, Swarovski set the trends. The company is and has been a forefront leader of crystal designs. For more than 100 years, the company has been recognized for innovations and inspiration worldwide.

Swarovski Innovations Fall / Winter 2019
The Power of Emotions

The new Swarovski 2020 Spring Summer collection has arrived. The theme the Power of Emotions inspired by the idea of seeking an emotional balance in our life. The theme highlights the need to reconnect, celebrate and create the new collection seeks to represent The Serenity of Being, The Joy of Expression, The Surprise of the Unexpected and The Excitement of Creativity. The new launch introduces:
  • Five new Crystal Lacquer Pro Delite colors;
  • A new family of spikes, flat back crystals and sew on stones;
  • Two new Swarovski Art. 3230 sew on pear colors; and
  • Swarovski expanded the Electric Lacquer Pro stones size selection.
Lacquer Pro DeLite Colors

Swarovski Laguna DeLite
Laguna DeLite
shop Swarovski Lavender DeLite
Lavender DeLite
shop Swarovski Ocean DeLite
Ocean DeLite
shop Swarovski Peach DeLite
Peach DeLite
shop Swarovski Sunshine Delite
Sunshine DeLite

The Spike Family, Flat Back Crystals and Sew On Stones
Shop the new Spikes: