NEW & Trending Swarovski Crystals

When it comes to the finest crystal elements, Swarovski set the trends. The company is and has been a forefront leader of crystal designs. For more than 100 years, the company has been recognized for innovations and inspiration worldwide.

Swarovski Innovations & Inspirations 
Fall / Winter 2020/2021

Love All

The new Swarovski 2021 Fall collection has arrived. The theme Love All was inspired by the idea that it's time to uplift our spirits and shine a light on love. As "nothing is more emotionally connecting, empowering or uplifting than love". The new launch introduces:
  • Five new Crystal Lacquer Pro Delite colors;
  • A new an exciting Paisley shape, designed for mirror application
  • New, large and bold, Slim Triangles, sew on stones
  • Flat back, half pave cabochons,
  • New Shimmer stone, Rose Peach Shimmer, with Swarovski Art. 3230 sew on pears to match; and
  • Two beautiful colors of the 5817 pearls, Elderberry and Mulberry.
Lacquer Pro DeLite Colors
Five fantastic new Lacquer Pro DeLite colors, Sizes SS12 to SS30, flat back, and Size SS 34 Hot Fix (you can still glue)

Swarovski Royal Red DeLite
shop Swarovski Royal Blue DeLite
shop Swarovski Lotus Pink DeLite
shop Swarovski Orange Glow DeLiteshop Swarovski Silky Sage Delite

The New Paisley Flat Back Shapes

A modern yet romantic flat back Crystal Paisley Shape with round edges. A new opportunity for design possibilities where both symmetric and asymmetric designs can be created. The crystals come in a unique format, left (x) and right (y) for ultimate creativity and "mirror" designs. The first flat back crystal paisley shape in the market. Graduating size