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When it comes to the finest crystal elements, Swarovski set the trends. The company is and has been a forefront leader of crystal designs. For more than 100 years, the company has been recognized for innovations and inspiration worldwide.

Bright Lights, Neon Lights!

East to West, neon lights brighten many cities' nights… It’s electric. Now you can amp up your performance with high voltage Swarovski Crystal Electric lacquer pro stones. Switch on the neon lights for high energy and extreme brilliance under the spotlights. Introduction 6 new crystal electric colors: electric blue, electric green, electric orange, electric pink, electric yellow and electric white. Mixed with Swarovski’s shimmer colors and electric jet, high voltage blue and laser white, you will capture your audience the minute you step onto the stage.

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Swarovski Innovations Fall / Winter 2019
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The Fall / Winter 2019 Innovation theme bring new crystal colors, new pearl shapes, an expansion of Core Assortment colors and product line
  • Drawing from to Swarovski's past Ultra Colors, Swarovski introducing 5 exciting Crystal DeLite Colors. These colors join the Lacquer Pro family and are inspired by nature. They are Crystal Light Grey DeLite, Crystal Army Green DeLite, Crystal Ochre DeLite, Crystal Burgundy DeLite, and Crystal Cappuccino DeLite. They can be combined with Lacquer Pro stones and Shimmer color to create an awesome fusion of colors.
  • New Art. 3230 Sew On Pear Colors in Crystal Shimmer and Amethyst Shimmer.
  • An exciting new Art. 3223 Navette in 29x14.5mm large size, a larger sew on stone that was missing from the line up in four popular colors.
  • Core Assortment, a color expansion beyond rhinestones of core colors to meet demands for flexible designs and trending fashion.