NEW & Trending Swarovski Crystals

When it comes to the finest crystal elements, Swarovski set the trends. The company is and has been a forefront leader of crystal designs. For more than 100 years, the company has been recognized for innovations and inspiration worldwide.

Swarovski Innovations & Inspirations

Fall / Winter 2021 / 2022

Embracing the Next

Swarovski's Fall Winter launch features New Shimmer Effects Colors line extension to the Swarovski Jewel Cut, gemstone inspired crystals.

Art. 2201 Marquise (Navette), Art. 2303 Pear, and Art. 2602 Emerald Cut flat back crystals are now available in 2 sizes in: Aquamarine Shimmer, Scarlet Shimmer and Vintage Rose Shimmer.

Swarovski Art 2201 aquamarine Shimmer Swarovski 2303 Aquamarine ShimmerSwarovski 2602 Aquamarine ShimmerSwarovski 2201 Scarlet ShimmerSwarovski 2303 Scarlet ShimmerSwarovski 2602 Scarlet ShimmerSwarovski 2201 Vintage Rose ShimmerSwarovski 2303 Vintage Rose ShimmerSwarovski 2602 Vintage Rose Shimmer

Electric Lacquer Pro DeLite Colors
Seven fantastic new Electric Lacquer Pro DeLite colors, Sizes SS12 to SS30, flat back, and Size SS 34 and SS10 Hot Fix (you can still glue)

Electric Pink DeliteElectric Blue DeLiteElectric Violet DeLiteElectric Green DeLiteElectric Orange DeLiteElectric Orange DeLiteElectric White DeLite

The New Geometric Shapes
New shapes added to the geometric shapes family. Two styles of Hexagons and Two styles of Pentagons. They are designed to work together and to combine with prior Geometric shapes for expanded embellishment design possibilities. The three colors will work together and create fantastic purple Ombré and shading patterns.

Swarovski Elongated PentagonSwarovski Concise PentagonSwarovski Elongated HexagonSwarovski Concise Hegaxon