CrystalPixie Bubble

Swarovski Crystal Pixie Bubble Line UpIntroduced in 2018, the CrystalPixie™ Bubble created to bring balance and 3 dimensional effects. It features hundreds of round stones in 3 varying sizes and color mixes to create amazing looks for the nails. The CrystalPixie bubble places somewhere between the soft stardust like CrystalPixie Petite and the chunkier CrystalPixie Edge. The Future Fantasy is the closest to a Crystal AB version featuring holographic silvers. The pixie can be applied with either regular nail polish or gel application techniques. It can be used as a stand-alone product or incorporated with other nail art products.

Crystal Pixie Bubble Color Chart:

Swarovski Crystal Pixie Bubble Future FantasySwarovski Crystal Pixie Bubble City ChicSwarovski Crystal Pixie Bubble Urban KissSwarovski Crystal Pixie Bubble Feeling WildSwarovski Crystal Pixie Bubble Street StarSwarovski Crystal Pixie Bubble Midnight Dream