CrystalPixie Edge

Swarovski Crystal Pixie Edge Colors Line Up

Like its name, the CrystalPixie™ Edge brings fun and rock like look to your nail designs.  It features ultra fine, super sharp, bi-cone cut crystal rock in PP9.  The Crystalpixie Edge will have your nails rocking with glam-punk look.  The edgy spikes differentiate the Edge from its CrystalPixie Petite and Crystalpixie Bubble counterparts.  Each gram will cover approximately 5 nails.  The pixie Edge is available in an assortment of great colors, with Cute Mood being the popular Crystal AB version.  Each box comes with an instruction leaflet.  The edge can be used as a stand-alone product or incorporated with other Swarovski crystal products, like rhinestones, shapes and pearls.

Crystal Pixie Petite Color Chart:

Swarovski Crystal Pixie Edge Cute Mood Swarovski Crystal Pixie Edge White Ballet Swarovski Crystal Pixie Edge Tropic Seafoam Swarovski Crystal Pixie Edge Hearts Desire Swarovski Crystal Pixie Edge Blossom Purple Swarovski Crystal Pixie Edge Sahara Blue