Swarovski Shimmer Effects

Swarovski Shimmer Effect Rhinestones feature a special, ultra-brilliant crystal coating that creates a shimmer effect specially designed to capture movement.  The effect is a lighter yet more vibrant version of Swarovski's AB coating. The shimmer coated crystals create unique light refraction thereby creating more dazzling sparkle under lights. 

Available in Flat Back and Hotfix rhinestones and selected shapes, the shimmer coated crystals feature: 

    • A softer and more elegant shimmer radiating 3 shades of a single color;
    • Swarovski latest cut rhinestones Xirius 2088 and 2078 from size SS12 and up;
    • A great selection graduating sizes and colors;
    • and... Swarovski's unmatched quality, durability and glamour.
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