RG 3252 Premium Emerald Cut Sew On - Jet (UF)
RG 3252 Premium Emerald Cut Sew On - Jet (UF)

RG 3252 Premium Emerald Cut Sew On - Jet (UF)

RG ID#:RG3252-JE

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RG 3252 Emerald Cut Sew On rhinestone shape features a classic emerald cut rectangle with 4 cut corners.  The Emerald Cut stone shape was inspired by the elegance and sophistication in classic gem shaped cuts use in jewelry. The stone features a beautiful flat top and large surrounding facets.  The crystal has 2 holes drilled on each side for sewing. The emerald cut shaped stones features foil on the back of the stone for extra reflection. Rhinestone shapes are great for added design, style and sparkle.  The RG 3252 is the alternative to the Swarovski Art 3252 Emerald Cut

The Emerald Cut Sew On rectangles are available in 2 graduating sizes: 14x10mm and 20x14mm.  They can be attached to fabric through the holes using a mono-filament thread or regular thread.  Professional sewing machines can also be used.  

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Jet (Black)


UF = Unfoiled


Sizes as Noted